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Dive Mascot Photo Competition

Competition closed 30 June 2015.
The lucky winner is Heather Sutton from NSW for her photo "Today Dave showed he could swim with the big boys!" - Read Heather’s review on her trip to Tufi

Photo Competition

One lucky winner will receive:

  1. Return flights ex SYD/BNE or CNS to Tufi via Port Moresby flying with Air Niugini and Airlines PNG
  2. 5 nights deluxe accommodation at Tufi Dive Resort
  3. 3 days of diving (2 boat dives + 1 wharf dive daily) with tanks, weights and dive guide services with Tufi Dive
  4. Return airport transfers in Tufi
  5. Australian departure taxes and applicable airline taxes

The fine print:

  1. One photo per person per dive location is permitted. You may submit another image from other dive locations. Please keep image size under 4MB.
  2. The prize does not include meals (a pre-paid meal package at Tufi is to be purchased prior to arrival), scuba gear rental, night dives, activities, personal expenses and bar tab, any pre or post accommodation if required en-route, travel insurance or any excess baggage charges.
  3. The competition closes 30 June 2015. The winner will be announced 2 weeks later. The judges decision is final.
  4. Travel on the prize is to be completed by 30 June 2016. Bookings must be made at least 14 days prior to departure. Block-out dates and embargo periods apply. Travel not valid over PNG public and school holidays; from 1 December 2015 to 14 February 2016; Easter 2016; 1 to 10 April 2016; Queen’s Birthday 2016; 23 July 2016; 26 August 2016; 16 September 2016, all school holidays.
  5. The prize is for 1 person and is non-transferable and is not redeemable for cash.
  6. The prize is offered on a space available and pre-planned basis and is subject to airline schedules.
  7. Other terms and conditions apply.
  8. Images entered may be viewed at www.diveadventures.com.au/pages/promo2.php
Photo Competition View the Entries

Tufi Resort

Tufi is a small village area located in a remote, pristine region of Papua New Guinea at the tip of Cape Nelson in Oro Province. The breath-taking Tufi “fjords” have been created by the ancient eruption of 3 volcanoes, plunging over 90 metres deep and rising over 150 metres vertically above the water. The scenery is simply spectacular and there is plenty of exploring and cultural experiences to be had for divers and non divers alike.

Click for more information on Tufi, Papua New Guinea

Tufi offers a variety of diving experiences including a "house reef", which will keep macro photographers happy, where you can find the remains of two PT boats from WWII, a jeep and three fishing boats. The reefs in the "tropical fjords" have excellent snorkelling and diving conditions perfect for muck and macro diving. The untouched "outer reefs" feature excellent visibility and an abundance of marine life and coral growth on a string of bommies. Rare white hammerhead sharks can be seen on these reefs.

Click here for more information on diving at Tufi

Tufi Dive Resort is a personalised boutique dive resort nestled on top of a fjord with stunning 180º panoramic views of the sea, mountains and fjords. In this stress-free environment, the locals are warm and friendly. Tufi is a place where you can be left alone or engage with guests and villagers.
Click here for more information about Tufi Resort

Papua New Guinea: A Million Diffrent Journeys

Photo Competition Entries

"Carl does Swansea Bridge" - Mascot of the Sydney SCUBA Minions

Swansea Bridge

Heather Sutton

"Oooo, Ahhh, Banana??!...........Carl helps with Weedy Sea Dragon surveys

The Leap, Kurnell - Sydney

Heather Sutton

"Considering some new digs"

The Steps, Kurnell

Heather Sutton

"He's been Pow wowing with the chief"

Bare Island, Sydney

Heather Sutton

Looking into the Abyss

Scuba and Goldie at Whale Bommie in Cairns

Bronwyn Trezise

Took out the good luck mascot and lo and behold on the last dive of the trip 40-50 hammerheads glide

Layang Layang, Malaysia

Arianne Ford

"Oh wow! It is more beautiful than I thought!"

Scuba and Golide in beautiful Port Vila

Bronwyn Trezise

"He is right behind me, isnt he?"

Carl rocking out at Ship Rock, Sydney

Heather Sutton

Minion vs Frogfish - Round 1 FIGHT! Carl making new friends

Magic Island Resort, Moalboal

Heather Sutton

Incoming dive bombers!!! - Ornate Ghost Fish flyovers

Fish Feed site, Moalboal

Heather Sutton

Carl had a whale of a time today!!!

Bohol with Magic Island Resort, Philippines

Heather Sutton

Peek-a-boo! Dave has joined Carl on this trip as a stowaway

Moalboal, Philippines

Heather Sutton

Banana? Nom nom? ... No Dave, no eating the Angler Fish!


Heather Sutton

"Behind the scenes: The Minions on tour!"

Dolphin House, Moalboal Philippines

Alicia Shaw

"Behind the scenes part 2: Heather and Dave"

Pangsama, Moalboal Philippines

Alicia Shaw

"Dave steals the limelight and risks being eaten!!"

Pangsama, Moalboal Philippines

Heather Sutton

"Its this way Jayne...I am sure its this way!"

Good Friday dawn dive at Pretty Corner, 3rd gutter Bass Point (Shellharbour)

Steve Gillespie with Jayne Gillespie and Nemo

"Hmm...this is nice Jayne but dont you have any anemones to play in here!"

The Third Gutter, Bass Point (Shellharbour) NSW

Steve Gillespie with Jayne Gillespie and Nemo

"Today Dave showed he could swim with the big boys!"

Oslob, Cebu - Philippines

Heather Sutton

"Oscar the marine Meerkat helping Spot A Shark with their Grey Nurse surveys"

Big Seal Rocks

Anita Toland

"Bwah?....Shmark!!!" Carl with a shy Thresher Shark

Monad Shoal, Malapascua, Philippines

Heather Sutton

"Have you seen Nemo?"

Fujikawa Maru, Truk Lagoon

Mick Harris


Shinkoku Maru, Truk Lagoon

Mick Harris

"Oscar the marine meerkat found sunken treasure"

Lighthouse Bommie, Lady Elliot Island

Anita Toland

"Oscar the marine meerkat feeling a little scared by his close encounter "

Anchor Bommie, Lady Elliot Island

Anita Toland

"Oscar the marine meerkat wonders who the brains of the operations is"

North Llewellyn Reef, the Bunker Group, Great Barrier Reef

Anita Toland

"Oscar the marine meerkat making new friends"

Joshs Joy, Fairfax island, the Bunker Group-GBR

Anita Toland

"Oscar the marine meerkat loved the clown fish"

Jackson Bommie, Fairfax Island, the Bunker Group-GBR

Anita Toland

"Carl is back in Sydney - Look out for the numb ray Carl!!"

Port Hacking, Sydney

Heather Sutton

"Living on the edge"

Truk Lagoon

Mick Harris

"I got my eye on you"

Black Forest Reef, Philippines

Mick Harris

"I been slimed!"

Balicasag Island, Philippines

Mick Harris

"Life is full of rainbows and soft fluffy cushions"

Ticao Island, Philippines

Mick Harris

"I am gonna get ya"

Komodo, Indonesia

Mick Harris

"Carl tip toes through the (sea) tulips"

Shark Point, Sydney

Heather Sutton

"Look out Dave!! Giant cuttlefish stalking Minions"

Clovelly Pool, Sydney

Heather Sutton

Oscar the Marine Meerkat playing Hide and Seek with the Clown Fish

Scooter Bommie, Hoskins Reef - GBR

Anita Toland

The Scuba MINION boys both want to try and ride a Weedy Sea Dragon

Sutherland Point, Kurnell - Sydney

Heather Sutton

"Carl gets beaten up by a grumpy octopus"

The Monument, Kurnell - Sydney

Heather Sutton

"Oh O...Dave went postal when told the competition was closing"

Steps to Monument Drift, Port Botany - Sydney

Heather Sutton

"Our dive mascot getting ready to dive with us on the Ozone"

Indented Heads, Victoria

Sharene Collett

"Clear water for once. WOW! SCUBA Smurf on his first advanced dive"

The Gutter at Bass Point Shellharbour

Mauro Basiaco

"Carl was a little nervous around the Grey Nurse Sharks"

Gutters, Broughton Island, Nelson Bay

Heather Sutton

"No photos please. I am nudi!"

"Into the blue" at Blue Corner, Palau

Roslyn Shepherd

"Carl goes Au natural and communes with the state fish - The Blue Grouper"

La Perouse, Sydney

Heather Sutton

"Awww Banana-palm-coconut tree???" ummm ... that is not a coconut tree Carl!

Little Bay, Sydney

Heather Sutton

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