April’s Answer

From which island in Malaysia-Borneo are you most likely to see schooling scalloped hammerhead sharks between March and May?

C. Layang Layang

Layang Layang is a wall diving mecca. The combination of deep water, pristine walls and coral gardens ensures you’ll see varied marine life from pelagics to colourful tropical fish, anemones and nudibranchs. The atoll rises 2,000 metres from the ocean’s depths.

A highlight of diving at Layang Layang is the possibility of seeing the schooling scalloped hammerhead sharks which perform their mating rituals in these waters between March to May. Manta rays are often spotted as are schools of jacks, giant trevally, tuna, trigger fish and bait fish.

Avillion Layang Layang Resort and Dive Centre opens for the dive season which is generally March through August. There is also a bird sanctuary, a small Malaysian Naval base and a 1,400 metre runway on the island.