NZ Additional Payment Form

Each travelling passenger must read, complete and accept the Terms and Conditions of this form. Please ensure that you have also read the Booking Conditions provided on your Travel Proposal / Invoice. By sending us your payment, we understand that all passengers have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.


  1. I/We understand and accept the booking conditions which is the basis of this contract and agree to be bound thereby.
  2. The booking can not be secured until a booking form & the required deposit has been received.
  3. I/We are aware that valid passports, visas and health documents are required and that the obtaining of these documents is my/our responsibility.
  4. It is the traveller’s responsibility to maintain contact with their travel agent to check whether any variations to itinerary, price or other aspects have occurred. The travel agent is the agent for the traveller.
  5. If the booking form is submitted by the travel agent he or she warrants that authority from the traveller has been obtained to do so.
  6. A the airlines request, we provide your phone and email contact to the airline.