Seedling packets on order, soon to be delivered to Mele

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this Fundraiser for Mele Village so far. We managed to raise an amazing $5,288 of donations for our first installment to Mele. After consultation with various Mele groups it was decided that the most fair, equitable and best benefit for money at this point in time was to spend these generous donations on seeds for crops. The Mele community decided that what they needed most was sustainable food crops to be able to be grown for the future for both personal consumption and to earn a living for sale at market.

For example, lettuce at market are currently selling at double the regular price due to the destruction of crops by Cyclone Pam.

We have a bulk order of Dwarf Bean seedlings, Pak Choi seedlings and Lettuce seedlings with Vanuatu Agricultural Supplies which have finally arrived in Vanuatu.

The arrival of the seedlings were delayed due to the disruption of flight services with Air Vanuatu to Port Vila. With the resulting fewer flights, all freight space had been allocated to perishable food items.

There are 381 homes in the Mele community, so the seeds will be divided and re-packaged into 381 bags containing approximately 500 seedlings per bag.

We’re looking forward to seeing delivery of these seedlings to each home over the coming days.

Apart from the shortage of crops, the clean up around the village continues, with mud and debris still in the process of being cleared from many Mele houses. The government is assisting with re-building the school, but the children are still in need of basic school materials and supplies.

Please keep spreading awareness of this Fundraiser so we can keep donations coming in for Mele to assist them going forward in the future.

Cleaning up mud from the storm damage in Mele
Cleaning up mud from the storm damage in Mele

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