Another $3,745 of donations sent to Vanuatu

Just a small update for everyone on how the Dive Cyclone Appeal is progressing.

At the end of June we sent over another $3,745 of your generous donations to Vanuatu. Our liasons over in Port Vila have been in close consultation with the village chiefs and have been carefully considering the best way to use these funds to most fairly benefit everyone in Mele Village. After much thought and deliberation, and in an attempt not to double up on other relief efforts, the group are in the process of trying to procure more seeds that can be planted in the coming months when the weather avails itself to different crops. This decision has been based on the success from the first seed programme and the wonderful direct impact and benefit this has had on the village.

At present, they are unable to secure enough seeds of the correct variety to be able to supply every household in Mele due to a big shortage in supply, and they are currently under negotiations for 11 varieties of product of seed. These seeds are expected to arrive approximately 10 August from the supplier and will be distributed to all the homes in Mele thereafter, subject to successful negotiations. The next lot of seeds will come at a good time as the rain dissipates to allow these types of vegetables to flourish in the best environment for successful and fruitful crops.

We hope this brings a smile to your faces as it has with us seeing the people of Mele so excited and very thankful of everyone who have sent donations via this fundraiser.

A big tank u tumas from everyone at Mele.

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