February’s Answer

The remains of what marine life can be found in Turtle Cave at Sipadan in Borneo?

A. Turtle and dolphin

Turtle Cavern at Sipadan Island is a true overhead cave penetration dive. Whilst not deep (the dive site lies between 17 – 23 metres) it does require specialist training, equipment and an experienced guide. There is a maze of small tunnels leading off the main cavern and chambers. In the large first chamber you’ll see the first of the turtle skeletons. Descending down a bell-shaped vertical tunnel will take you to the lower sandy silt bottom chamber and a tunnel leading to Turtle Tomb where there are more turtle skeletons, intact shells and skulls. Also sitting on a ledge in the sloping tunnel is the complete remains of a dolphin.

It is believed that the turtles and dolphin entered the cavern system to rest or hide from predators. Once inside they became disoriented and lost in the dark, unable to find the exit and drown. Their remains float to the roof of the cave system as they decompose, finally coming to rest on the cave floor after all the natural gasses have escaped.