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Scuba Dive Antarctica

Antarctica remains the last vast wilderness on earth. A continent encircled by pack ice, huge tabular icebergs and covered with an ice sheet miles deep. A beautiful mysterious place, enticing explorers, adventurers and dreamers over the decades. Remote, inhospitable and without permanent inhabitants. It is the windiest and highest continent, which is capped by an ice sheet over 4 km thick in places. Antarctica is 58 times larger than the United Kingdom, and surrounded in winter by a vast girdle of sea ice larger in area than the continent itself.
Diving in Antarctica

Scuba Dive Australia

Australia offers incredible diversity for scuba divers. From giant turtles, clown fish and tropical reefs in Queensland and Western Australia, to the majestic whales, seals and fairy penguins off the temperate South coasts or the ultimate thrill: Cage diving with Great White Sharks. Australia is truly is a scuba divers paradise.
Diving in Australia

Scuba Dive East Timor

East Timor offers the adventurous diver world class diving, with kilometres of majestic walls, that drop off into the deep blue sea, acres of untouched reefs, and an abundance of prolific marine life. Dolphin and Whale watching cruises can also be arranged on request. The best time of the year for diving is February to June and September to December.
Diving in East Timor

Scuba Dive Fiji

Fiji is made up of 300 islands dotted across 200,000 square miles of the SouthPacific. The islands are renowned for their palm-fringed beaches, lush rainforests with cascading waterfalls and spectacular underwater world, teeming diversefish and corals. The Fijian people welcome visitors with a genuine smile and friendly greetings.
Diving in Fiji

The “Enchanted Islands” of Galápagos are found in the Pacific Ocean, 926 kilometres west of Ecuador. 720 km to the North is Cocos Island and to the south is Easter Island and San Felix Island at 3,200 km. The Galápagos archipelago is composed of 13 main islands, 7 smaller islands, and many rocks and islets. The islands and their surrounding waters form an Ecuadorian province.
Scuba Dive Galapagos

/pages/destinations/Japan/Scuba Dive Japan

Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. Its capital, Naha, is in the south of the largest and most populous island, Okinawa Island, a 2hr 15min flight southwest of Tokyo. The mile long Kokusai-dōri (International Avenue) has many shops, restaurants and bars. The large, covered Heiwa Dori Arcade / Makishi Public Market is filled with fresh fish, meat, produce stands, restaurants, tourist shops and liquor stores.
Diving in Japan

Scuba Dive Malaysia - Borneo

Malaysia comprises two distinct bodies of land, politically joined in 1963 after independence from Britain. The Malayan peninsula is comprised of thirteen states and is the historic home of the Malay people. East Malaysia claims the northern edge of the huge, wild island of Borneo with its two regions, Sabah and Sarawak. The Malaysian peninsula and Borneo are separated by about 400 miles of the South China Sea.
Diving in Malaysia/Borneo

Scuba Dive Mexico

Mexico is a fascinating and extremely diverse country to visit. This great republic is today an assortment of Mesoamerican cultures and modern indigenous tribes, Spanish traditions and a large, vibrant, modern economy.
Diving in Mexico

Scuba Dive Micronesia

Micronesia means “small islands”. It is the collective name given to two thousand, tiny tropical islands scattered over more than three million square miles of the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and The Philippines.

The location offers divers a great variety of scuba diving sites from wrecks and reefs, to drop offs and walls.
Diving in Micronesia

Scuba Dive Niue

Niue is one of the world’s largest coral islands. The land area of 259 square kilometres, rises steeply from the sea to a maximum height of 60 metres. Niue is renowned for its incredible water clarity and visibility. The coral rocks mean no silt or sediment runs off after rainfall. The upraised atoll, affectionately known as “The Rock of Polynesia”, is situated in the south-west Pacific Ocean, just over 3 hours north of New Zealand.
Diving in Niue

Scuba Dive Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea isAustralia's nearest neighbour, located around 150km to the north of the continent. Papua New Guinea is a land of mystery, adventure and rich cultures. A land of contrast, with spectacular landscapes of natural wilderness, tropicaljungles and high mountains inland, and atolls and pristine coral reefs scattered along the coastline.
Diving in Papua New Guinea

Scuba Dive the Philippine Islands

The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands and islets set in deep blue waters that contain some of the richest marine life in the world. Covering an area of 299,000 square kilometres. It is the second largest archilpelago in the world after Indonesia. The islands can be divided into four major island groupings: Luzon, Visayas , Mindanao & Palawan. The two largest islands, Luzon in the north and Mindanao in the south, account for 65% of the total land area and contain 60% of the country's population.
Diving in Philippines

Scuba Dive Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is a double chain of islands located 1,860 kilometres to the north east of Australia. Shaped by earthquakes and volcanic activity thousands of years ago, the 922 individual islands (of which 350 are uninhabited) are divided into nine provinces. Historic battles of World War II were fought in and around the Solomons, leaving a trail of wrecks which have since become home to many fish and coral species.
Diving in Solomon Islands

Scuba Dive Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the jewel of the Indian Ocean, was proclaimed by Marco Polo to be amongst the finest islands on earth.
Diving in Sri Lanka

Scuba Dive Tonga

Tonga is a tiny island kingdom left behind by the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Experience unspoilt views that have pleasured many people over the years. Tonga is the only remaining Polynesian Kingdom and is not a mass destination like Fiji or Hawaii. Tonga offers you to dive with humpback whales, shipwrecks, canyons and coral reefs. There is an amazing variety of fish species and visibility of up to 70m.
Diving in Tonga

Scuba Dive Vanuatu

Vanuatu, a chain of 83 tropical islands in the South West Pacific, is only a few flying hours from Australia. Vanuatu is an idyllic holiday destination for divers, as well as travellers seeking a little adventure in paradise. The semi-tropical climate has a temperature range from between 23°C and 28°C.
Diving in Vanuatu

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