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Port Lincoln is located on the Spencer Gulf in South Australia on the Southern Ocean, the world’s last true marine wilderness. These frigid waters are inhabited by the most spectacular and rarest of the world’s sea creatures such as  blue whales, giant squids and Australian sea lions.

More importantly, the Southern Ocean are home to the ocean's ultimate predator, otherwise known as the White Pointer Shark. There are very few locations in the world where you are able to encounter the Great White Shark as they are solitary oceanic creatures roaming the depths of the open sea. Here, the Great Whites reign supreme, having no natural enemies other than man. These spectacular fish reside at the top of the food chain and normally feed on whales, seals and sea lions, culling the weak, sick and injured as opportunities present themselves.

The Neptune Islands are located at the mouth of the Spencer Gulf, 3 hours by boat from Port Lincoln. The islands are a Conservation Park consisting of the North and South island groups, both of which are home to large breeding colonies of the protected New Zealand Fur Seal. There is also a small number of breeding Australian Sea Lions on the North East island. These islands are where you will have your best chance to encounter the Great Whites.

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    Getting There: Port Lincoln is 650 km by road (7 hours by car or 10 hours by bus) or 45 minutes by air from Adelaide, South Australia's capital.

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  • Scuba Diving in South Australia - White Shark Cage Diving

    Great White Shark Cage Diving Australia

    There are 2 operators offering great white shark cage diving expeditions from Port Lincoln out to the Neptune Islands during the two prime seasons for spotting the Great White Sharks:

    - Summer Season (November-February) and

    - Winter Season (June till October)

    The summer season brings in warmer water and nicer conditions and the opportunity to dive with Bronze Whalers, Blue and Mako sharks whilst during the colder winter season, greater numbers of generally larger sharks may be observed. During the months of March through early May both operators run limited trips depending on the current shark sightings and will generally only take fishing trips or private charters on request.

    Previously, cage diving expeditions were only available to certified divers. However, both operators now allow non-certified divers to experience the Great White Sharks from their surface cages as well.

    Water surface temperatures will range from 14°C - 22°C and visbility of over 20 metres can be experienced.

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