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Scuba Diving Mamanucas FijiScuba Diving Mamanucas FijiScuba Diving Mamanucas Fiji

Dive Map of FijiThe Mamanuca Islands are located off Viti Levu’s west coast. There are 13 islands in the group forming a majestic arc of volcanic outcrops.White sandy beaches, turquoise waters and coconut palms distinguish this group of island resorts.

These small islands offer plenty of fun for visitors of all ages with a variety of activities including diving, snorkelling, fishing to wind surfing and sailing.

Many of the Mamanuca Islands are ideal for romantic getaways as well as scuba diving adventures

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  • Hotels and Resorts in Mamanucas

    Scuba Diving in Mamanucas Fiji Castaway Island
    1.5 hours by catamaran from Port Denarau
    Budget: $$$$
    Pool: 3
    Beach/Beachfront: Yes
    Bar: 4
    Restaurant: 4
    Wifi: Yes
    Onsite Shop: Yes
    Gym: No
    Spa: Yes
    Onsite Dive Centre: Yes
  • Scuba Diving in Mamanucas

    Dive M amanucasThe Mamanuca group of islands has two very distinctive types of marine environments. Dive sites within the large Mamanuca Lagoon are suitable for novice divers and have shallow, calm waters and lots of coral bommies to explore. On the outer edges of the lagoon on the Pacific Ocean side is the Barrier Reef and it's numerous passages where visibility can exceed 35 metres and where dolphins, sharks, turtles and pelagics are frequently encountered cruising around the vibrant reefs. Water temperature ranges from 26-29 C. Diving is conducted year round. Best time of year is between April to November.

    Some popular dive sites:

    Namotu Wall:

    The stunning Namotu coral cay sits on the edge
    of a 1,000 metre drop into the Pacific Ocean. Abundant fish life with reef sharks, schools of barracuda and turtles combined with fantastic visibility (nomrally 25-50 metres) makes diving on this outer reef slope truly spectacular. 

    Castaway Passage:

    Dive  Mamanuca FijiA large gap in the outer Barrier Reef allows mass volumes of ocean water to enter the lagoon. Diving in this passage almost always produces visibility in excess of 30 metres. Manta Rays, Sharks, Marlin, and other pelagics are possibilities at Castaway Passage.

    The Supermarket:

    This exciting shark encounter dive is just 10 kilometres away from the Mamanuca resorts. Watch grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks swim around you. Some of the sharks are over 2 metres long.

    Barrel Heads: 

    Excellent hard corals and sea fans are observed on this pinnacle rising up from depths of over 60 metres. Reef sharks and turtles have made the pinnacle their home. This site can produce the unexpected - large sharks, schools of Yellow Fin tuna and other pelagic species.

  • Mamanuca Islands Cruises

  • MV Reef Endeavour MV Reef Endeavour
    3, 4, 7 and 11 night cruises ex Port Denarau
    Budget: $$$-$$$$
    Length: 73 metres
    Max. No. Guests: 130
    No. Cabins: 64
    Approx dives per day: up to 3 dives (extra cost)
    Nitrox: No
    Tech Dive: No
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