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Kapalai Dive Resort is only an hours boat ride from the mainland of Semporna and just a few minutes by boat from Sipadan and Mabul Island, but by any other measure, it is worlds apart.

The exhilarating Water Village is built on a sand bar which, many years ago, was the island of Kapalai. But erosion has taken its toll on what was surely a very beautiful island.

The sand bar sits on Ligitan Reefs, an extensive stretch bordering the deep Celebes Sea.

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    Kapalai Dive Resort Malaysia Kapalai Dive Resort
    Built on sturdy stilts on the shallow sandbanks
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    Kapalai Dive Resort Malaysia

    The dive sites around Kapalai offer an abundance of various fish and invertebrates, living away from the threat of Sipadans' many dangerous reef predators. The Ligitan reefs also act as a nursery for juveniles of many species.

    The diving around Kapalai is exceedingly easy and shallow, but quite spectacular. The sandy bottom and the sparse coral heads host an amazing array of small, often yet-to-be-classified, shamelessly colorful subjects, making the diving here an unforgettable experience for any discerning photographer. There is plenty of fish life to see with the underwater scene featuring rare subjects ranging from mandarin fish, dragonets, fire gobies, wasp or leaf fish, the tame crocodile fish, giant frogfish of different colours, eels, rays and much much more. The Resort offers three dives a day plus, if requested, day trips at Sipadan & Mabul.

    All dive spots are extremely close and can be reached in just a few minutes by speedboat (some of them, just by swimming from the dive center pier)

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