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Chuuk Atoll, (also Known as Truk) in the Caroline Islands is infamous for its giant lagoon. The lagoon is the final resting place for more than 100 ships, planes and submarines - the legacy of a fierce World War II battle between the Imperial Japanese Fleet and Allied carrier planes. The lagoon has been declared an underwater museum. Souvenir taking of relics from the area are prohibited by law.

Nowhere else in the world are there so many wrecks in close proximity, situated in shallow clear water. Many of the wrecks are visible while snorkelling and there are many on-shore wartime locations to visit.

The majority of the wrecks lie off DubIon, Eten, Fefan and Uman Islands and represent the largest naval loss in history. Their cargoes of tanks, trucks, airplanes, mines, bombs, machine gun bullets and thousands of other artefacts including beautiful china are there still to be explored.

The warm, tropical waters and prolific marine life has transformed the wrecks into artificial reefs and beautiful coral gardens. The main island of Weno (formerly Moen) is the capital and commercial centre.

  • Geographical Information

    The many islands within this huge atoll are crowned with natural beauty. The outer barrier reef is punctuated with idyllic sand spits dotted with coconut palms. The high volcanic islands in the central lagoon rise into the blue island skies. Many of the islands offer fertile soils, abundant water and lush vegetation that harbours rare and migratory birdlife. Wild orchids and other flora are found in the scenic and sometimes rugged terrain of the islands




  • Activities

    There are many fascinating and historic sites to visit in and around Chuuk. Snorkel or scuba dive in this maritime museum, spend the night on a small island, go on a fishing expedition with experienced local guides, or simply relax on a sandy beach or rent a kayak or scooter to get a view of life in Chuuk. For the best views of the lagoon, climb the old Sapuk Lighthouse, built during the Japanese occupation.

  • When to Travel to Truk

    Chuuk's tropical oceanic climate is consistently warm and humid, with some of the most uniform year-round temperatures in the world. Most days it is around 27°C. Some days it gets up to 32°C and sometimes the temperature may drop to 21°C. It is a little drier, cooler and breezier between December and April. The wettest months are October and November. Typhoon season is between August and December but Chuuk rarely gets a direct hit from a typhoon.

    The sheltered waters of Truk Lagoon provide a most comfortable dive location with the water temperature normally between 28-29°C, no thermoclines or currents and good visibility between 12 - 30 metres.

  • Truk Liveaboards

    Truk Master Truk Master
    Budget: $$$
    Length: 37 metres
    Max # of guests:
    No. Cabins:8
    Approx dives per day: up to 4 dives
    Yes (extra cost)
    Tech Dive: Yes + rebreather diving
    M.V. Odyssey
    Budget: $$$
    Length: 40 metres
    Max # of guests:
    No. Cabins:9
    Approx dives per day: up to 5 dives
    Yes (complimentary)
    Tech Dive: Yes
    S.S. Thorfinn
    Budget: $$
    Length:58 metres
    Max # of guests:
    No. Cabins: 11
    Approx dives per day: up to 5 dives
    Yes (estra cost)
    Tech Dive: Yes + rebreather diving
  • Hotels and Resorts in Truk

    Diving Vacation Truk Blue Lagoon Resort Blue Lagoon Resort
    30 mins drive from the airport
    Budget: $$
    Pool: No
    Beach/Beachfront: Yes
    Bar: 2
    Restaurant: 1
    Wifi: in public areas
    Onsite Shop: Yes
    Gym: No
    Spa: No
    Onsite Dive Centre: Yes
    Diving Vacation Truk - Dive Holiday Truk Micronesia Truk Stop Hotel
    15 mins drive from the airport
    Budget: $$
    Pool: No
    Beach/Beachfront: No
    Bar: 2
    Restaurant: 1
    Wifi: in public areas
    Onsite Shop: Yes
    Gym: No
    Spa: Yes
    Onsite Dive Centre: Yes
  • Scuba Diving in Truk

    Truk is indisputably a Diver's Mecca, suitable for both novice and experienced divers. The calm, clear, sheltered lagoon is one of the largest in the world and being relatively free of currents, providing safe, easy diving conditions.

    There are also a number of liveaboard dive vessels at Truk that move divers between the popular sites.

    List of the most popular dive sites (PDF - click to download)

    Some of the most popular wrecks in Truk are:

    Fujikawa Maru

    A 132m (436 feet) armed aircraft ferry with six holds, four of which are open. One of the most fascinating dives in Truk Lagoon. There are incomplete zero fighters in the number 2 hold large deck guns on the bow and stern. Depth to deck is only 15 meters.

    Submarine 1-169

    Lying on its port side in about 38 meters of water, it is 104.7m (343½ feet) long. During the April air raid the submarine submerged to avoid damage. Unfortunately the valves were not closed during this manoeuvre and the sub sunk.

    Shinkoku Maru

    One of the most colourful and spectacular dives. This vessel is well preserved. Small guns are mounted fore and aft. The ship is upright in about 38 metres of water, 12 metres to the top of the bridge and 20 meters to the main deck.

    Susuki Maru

    Destroyer, subchaser lying on its port side. Bow in 3 meters of water, stern with propellers in 15 meters. Gas masks and depth charges still scattered on the deck.

    Rio De Janeiro Maru

    A 141 m (463 feet) cargo vessel converted from a luxury passenger liner. The holds contain supplies ranging from beer bottles to guns and other military supplies. The ship is lying on its starboard side with it's deck only 15 meters from the surface.


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