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Just a few kilometers from Tongatapu, Eua is Tonga’s superior nature experience. It is a secluded and uninterrupted which allows you to soak up the tranquility and peacefulness of this island.

Home of the National Park you will be sure to see some native birds and local Flora. Eua homes several simple quest houses all looked after to a treat by the local family. Between July and November be sure to look out over the water, Humpback whales come to the Eua bay to breed in the pleasant surroundings.

The Whale watch season starts around the end of July and continues through the end of October

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  • The Hideaway

    Approximately 40 km south-east of Tongatapu, The Hideaway is situated on the western coast of 'Eua Island overlooking the ocean, though only a short distance from luscious rainforest and spectacular caves.

    The hideaway has 5 rooms, which accommodates up to 8 people in total. All of which have private bathrooms, fan, hot water and are located on waters edge. During the whale season you can hear and see them from the resort.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a comfy, communal dining area with sea views. Bar facilities are available. Complimentary tea and coffee is also available to guests of The Hideaway.

    Whale watching, Vehicle tours exploring the island, cultural trekking tours and diving is available at the Hideaway all through the week. These activities enable you to have a full, fun and exciting stay.
  • Scuba Diving in 'Eua

    Swim with Whales TongaOn Eua you will dive into another dimension, with 25 m Drop-offs invite the diver to comfortable Drift dives. Due to its high cliffs you are able to dive on the side that is protected against the wind in very calm water.

    Eua is the host of the biggest underwater caves in the South Pacific. They offer approx 45 dives sites with many more to be explored, the closest one being 10 minutes and the furthest one being 2 hours away. On your dives you will see sharks, grooper, turtles, drop-offs, caves and everything else a diver can expect here in the untouched Tongan waters.

    Every year Humpback whales pass through Tongan waters and we have the opportunity to dive right with these beautiful animals.

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